Hometown Heroes – Firefighters

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Firefighters offer more than just extinguishing fires. They are two categories of firefighters; the volunteers, and the paid firefighters. Their role in any community cannot be understated. A big number of volunteer firefighters is known to serve the smaller communities while the paid firefighters offer their services to the local government. They work in places such as airports, chemical plants, and industrial sites among other places.


Firemen are usually called to put out a fire during fire emergencies. Controlling fire is a dangerous undertaking, thus one must undergo training before becoming a firefighter. During the training, a person learns to work together with other firemen and to enhance safety during the operation.


What is the role of a firefighter?

two firefighters holding hose

I have always had a special interest in firefighting. Though I never managed to become one, I have learned what firefighting entails. It is not all about putting out a fire, but it also involves cautioning the public and implementing safety measures.


From what I have gathered, a firefighter does the following;


Saving lives from hazards


One most important role of a firefighter is to save lives from fire and other dangers. They are also well trained in administering first aid to fire victims to ensure that they don’t succumb to fire burns as well as other life-threatening cases. I realized that the firefighters attend to many health-related emergencies. Firefighters rescue people from other life-threatening conditions like accidents, collapsed buildings among others.


Property conservation


Apart from saving lives of the victims, firefighters do everything possible to conserve the properties of the victims. During their operations, they work effectively just to make sure that no more unnecessary damage takes place as a result of their work. They avoid property destruction and more damage to building structures if there was any. In cases of wildfires, firefighters aim at reducing damage to the environment.


Stabilization of incidents


Most accidental incidents can cause excessive damage and death if not contained as soon as possible. Such instances include floods, terrorist attacks, fire breakout, and release of dangerous material to the environment. The first thing firefighters do is to devise a quick mechanism of containing such cases.


Educate the public


Public education is another vital role that firefighters play. They keep the masses informed in regard to putting out fires, safety measures and how to provide first aid services in cases of accidents.


A community that is well informed on how to handle emergency situations is safer and this helps save many lives. The public is always in close proximity during such incidents and lives and more property may be destroyed before the firefighters arrive at the scene. To limit the effect of such incidents, the firefighters offer basic education regarding the same to the public.


Survival mechanism for firefighters

firefighters training

I have realized that the work done by firefighters needs dedication and discipline. It is all about living for others. Here are some of the survival mechanisms firefighters employ to keep going;


Regular training

Regular practice

Takes a fresh cup of coffee regularly to help them stay alert

Passion and love for the community  


Risk Takers


Firefighters are great people. The world would not be what it is without them. To all firefighters anywhere in the world, Natalie salutes you all. You are the pride of our people.