Giving Back

Uncategorized / Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

While most people may refer giving back to the community as a waste of resources, I believe it’s one way of making life worthwhile. Many do not feel this way, but I must admit that it feels pretty good to be one of the few. My aim is not to indulge in self-praise, but I literally want to help you see the importance of giving back to the community. Don’t wait until you are rich enough to give to the community since everyone, whatever class of life they are in, have something to give. This whole idea isn’t all about money, it’s about your time, love, dedication and desire for community development.


What’s the importance of giving back to the community?


Shows gratitude


You couldn’t be the person you are without the contribution of your community. A gesture of showing gratitude is worth every effort. Grateful people live happier lives. Saying thank you may seem insignificant but it’s necessary as it brings peace and unity in a community.


Enhances community development


No one would choose to live in an underdeveloped community. Your act of giving back to the community improves the area for the good of everybody. For instance, I mobilized some of my community members and together we built a community library. That has changed the whole community as our children have a place to carry out their studies.


Brings unity


It is indeed a great feeling when you are the one bringing people together. A united community has less or no corrupt activities at all since everyone cares about the other. It is as if everyone is watching out for everyone else.


How to give back to the community


  1. Baby showers

girl holding a gift

Maybe, it has never occurred to you that going for a baby shower is giving back to the community. It is during such occasions that a newborn is given all kind of gifts since they are new members of the community. I never mind traveling from far to attend a baby shower in my own community.


  1. Donate

If you have an overflow of resources, share them with those who may need them in the community. Having more than you need in your home is not wealth; it is clutter. A cluttered home can destroy your life and time. De-clutter your home and donate everything that’s in good condition that you no longer need. It could be electronics, books, clothes, furniture and so on.


  1. Come up with relief programs for the less privileged

You can organize relief programs in the community for the less privileged. These include the disabled, the elderly, the veterans, the poor and the homeless. Such programs are meant to uplift the community and help those who are down there to rise up.


  1. Volunteer

Volunteer group

Communities have so many activities; they are weddings, burials, constructions, and many more. Create time to take part in such activities and help where you can. If you can’t avail yourself, you can pay someone to represent you. I have done that whenever my schedule is fixed.


  1. Fundraising

Give your money during fundraising events in your community. Whenever there is a fundraising in my community, I mobilize my friends from other places and we raise a good amount of money. This solves the problem at hand and brings unity.