A Substitute for Cane Vinegar When Cooking


There are instances where cane vinegar is called for, but one might want a substitute for cane vinegar. This is because cane vinegar might not be a staple in the kitchen, and the cook might need to use something that is in supply in the house.

Japanese rice wine vinegar is a sufficient substitute because it is a bit sweet and has a low acidity. Cane vinegar also has a similar composition.

Cane sugar comes from Southern Asia and is actually made from sugar cane. That is why the Japanese rice wine vinegar is so similar. It also comes from the east and is made from fermented rice.

Try to stay away from seasoned Japanese rice wine vinegar as it has sake, salt, and sugar added to it. It will have a stronger, more over powering taste. However, if one desires an extra kick and this is the only kind in the kitchen, then it will also do.