A Fresh Brew

Uncategorized / Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Over the time I have been working in the mayor’s office, you would not believe how many cups of coffee we have had to make over the years. Yeah, now I believe it when Starbucks says they sell billions of cups of coffee every year. With a good number of people working in the office and more walking in and out of the office, we serve them coffee, depending on whether they merit the coffee or not. You cannot possibly give everyone who visits the mayor’s office coffee, but if being hospitable could count as nation-building, then I guess we have done more than my fair share.


But I cannot take all the credit because I had an excellent coffeemaker in the office. It would make a single cup of coffee, but it could also make 12 cups on the port side. It produced high-quality coffee with all the requirements as you might have entered in the settings. If you wanted bold, it gave bold. If you wanted regular, espresso or light coffee, it gave just that.


All good things come to an end and so after serving many people, the coffeemaker just gave up the ghost one morning. And so I had to rush to procurement to demand that a new one be procured immediately. You see, when you work for the mayor, you cannot afford to stay around without a coffee maker and hope that the mayor will smile with you when you try to stammer your way out of the question of why there is no coffee.


Many people, meaning me too, think that buying a coffee maker is as easy as ordering one online or drifting to the store to find one that meets your needs. Nothing can be further from the truth because coffeemakers are so different, each coming with different features.


If you are buying a coffeemaker for your needs only, a single serve machine would do nicely, or even a French Press machine. However, for an office as busy as ours where members of staff come in thirsty all the time, you need a coffeemaker that can make some good amount of coffee, perhaps several times a day. You need a coffee brewer. Also referred to as a drip coffee machine, it works very well. It can keep coffee piping hot for about two hours (depending on the model) meaning you do not have to make fresh coffee all the time.

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To make such copious amounts of coffee every day, you need a good coffeemaker. You cannot skimp on the quality. If you buy a cheap, light-duty coffee machine, you will be in shops looking for another one sooner than you thought. However, there are so many heavy-duty coffee makers in the market today, some of them extravagantly priced and some very cheap.


I did some looking around and here are two coffeemakers that can serve a small number of people comfortably all the time.


Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer B00O9FO1HK

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer B00O9FO1HK

This coffeemaker is able to heat water to the precise temperature thus making your coffee taste just the way you like it – balanced and sweet. The heater will get the water to the desired temperature fast and then it will keep the water at that temperature throughout the brewing process. It has a showerhead design so that water is dripped onto the ground coffee uniformly. The Bonavita BV1900TS can make coffee enough for serving 8 people.



It is covered by a warranty of two years

It gives you a signal when the coffee is ready

Watch your coffee as it brews in the double-walled tempered glass carafe

Has a lid to keep coffee heat after brewing

Great customer care from Bonavita

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Have to turn carafe upside down to drain all coffee

Water reservoir might start showing tiny cracks with time


Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker B001K66LPQ

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker B001K66LPQ

This coffee maker has incredible reviews on many marketplaces. It is big, serving all of 12 people at one go. It has wonderful user features like setting the time to shut off at a designated time or if you do not set it, it will still shut off after four hours. It dispenses coffee one cup at a time, therefore you do not need glass carafe or anything. Just drink it straight from the coffee machine.

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Serves many people – 12

Keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours

It can reheat old coffee

Interface panel is set on stainless steel surrounding

It is easy to use



No carafe – serving many people is slow work

Short warranty – one year